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How to wire the relay and how to use the remote fuel cut-off function in your car?

When installing a wired GPS tracker, we sometimes find a "remote fuel cut-off" function. However, this is often followed by the text "This function is to be used in conjunction with a relay". So what is a relay? What does it do and how is it wired? This article will give you the answer. A. The role of automotive relays. Automotive relays can be divided into functional and control relays in terms of use. For example, there are flashing relays, water wiper relays, and so on. Relays that simply turn the circuit on and off and convert are all control relays. The remote oil/electricity cut-off relay described in this article is a control relay. It is the equivalent of a switch that draws the armature into the circuit by means of a magnetic field, thus driving the contacts to break the normally closed contacts. In this way, it plays the role of changing the control circuit. It is the key to controlling the circuit on and off. Vehicle Relays Appearance and Work Internally How to use the ca...

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5 tips to buy a good GPS tracker

With the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, cars have become a vital travel tool for everyone. Therefore, the GPS locator has become the most widely used machine in people's daily life. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for different groups of people, such as the car rental industry. Many places have production locations for car gps tracker, so many people come to buy them. When you are ready to buy it, you must pay attention to the following knowledge points, otherwise you will not be able to buy your favorite product. A. Compare the quality of the GPS locator When we choose a GPS locator, we must learn to compare products. Many people who buy a new GPS tracker will say that the one I used before is better. But this is not correct, because each product is used at a different time and place, and the final result is different. It must be used for a long time to feel the difference between the two GPS locators. Choosing a trusted GPS tracker is a...

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What are the most commonly used gps trackers in life

In people's social life, GPS applications are everywhere. When the global satellite positioning system is installed on a car, it can be used for real-time positioning, robbery alarm, car phone, theft alarm, manual navigation, remote fuel and power failure, remote unlocking of the door, and battery undervoltage alarm. When the global positioning satellite system is applied to the production command of oil field enterprises, it can monitor the operation of oil wells, oil and gas pipelines. It can also position electricity, water conservancy, and construction as well as dispatch and command buses and other freight vehicles. When the global satellite positioning system is used in social security and community services, it can locate and monitor the financial professions, flammable and explosive dangerous goods professions, and real-time dispatch. At the same time, it can also monitor residential quarters and household safety precautions. But it still depends on the more common applicati...

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How to choose a good GPS tracker

There are many GPS tracker manufacturers on the market, but how to choose a suitable for their own, next will teach you how to choose a good GPS tracker. In terms of hardware(GPS tracker) 1, whether or not there is a battery, charging IC will increase the cost of $0.5, but it will make the battery in the trickle, constant current, constant voltage charging conditions, full automatically cut off the charging circuit, the damage to the battery is the least, not easy to cause battery damage. ERY boiler drum overheating, explosion and other accidents. The cost saving hardware does not need to charge the IC, but instead uses a current limiting resistor to connect the 4.xx voltage directly to the battery. The battery will always be in current-limited charging state. Battery life will be greatly reduced. Prone to bulge, explosion and other accidents. It's easy to have an accident when the phone is plugged into the charger all the time. 2. No matter whether the battery itself has overcurren...

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How long is the service life of GPS location tracker?

Does GPS have the same life span as cell phones? What is the reason for the sudden offline display? Next, great-Will GPS trackers takes you to understand these problems. No matter what kind of product has a life span, you will take that into account when buying appliances such as mobile phones. When buying GPS trackers, I'm sure many of my friends have asked the same question: How long will GPS trackers last? Or how often does the locator need to be replaced? Perhaps what most consumers are hearing is that regular locators last five to six years. So, does it really take 5-6 years for an electronic product to be continuously updated? For some wired GPS trackers, as long as they are well maintained and installed, the locator can be used continuously. If you want to use them for 5-6 years, this is no problem. Some of the more advanced manufacturers may try to use better, more durable chips, such as power protection. The GPS trackers will naturally last longer. As for wireless GPS track...

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4G GPS tracker become the preferred terminal in the auto loan industry

4g gps tracker The common means of transportation in modern society has become cars. With the widespread use of cars, the auto loan industry has also ushered in a fast-growing way out. Therefore, for auto loan companies, it is necessary to ensure that the safety of the cars that are loaned out and the credit risks of the customers are within the control, which is indispensable for the help of smart locators. With the development of the Internet, 4G gps tracker have gradually become the preferred intelligent positioning terminal for auto loan companies. well, the auto loan industry to choose 4G gps tracker benefits mainly have the following points. 1. Danger monitoring, monitoring and warning of irregular behaviors at any time For the auto loan industry, the risk of a car being mortgaging is that it will become a second mortgage, causing property damage. In order to effectively improve the safety factor of loan vehicles, THE 4G gps tracker can collect the driving data of vehicles in ...

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What do you know about car GPS ?

The birth of GPS for the positioning system has been a great help, but also for the car has brought a lot of convenience. The next GPS will take you to understand the KNOWLEDGE of GPS.         The birth of the automobile and many function service configuration, do you like a gas station, navigation systems, etc., said must mention the GPS car navigation, today, there are four parts of the world's navigation system, first of all, America's global positioning system (GPS), which is composed of 24 navigation satellites, the precision of 10 meters, followed by Russia's glonass navigation system, the system is made 24 whoStars. The third is Europe's Galileo navigation system, which has an accuracy of one meter and is a very popular positioning system. The last is China's Beidou navigation System, which consists of five in-orbit synchronous satellites and 30 non-synchronous satellites with a positioning accuracy of 10 meters. So how did GPS come about? The previous positioning system used...

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Who needs 4g GPS tracker most in life?

This 4G GPS tracker is designed based on the market needs. It has below features: 4G LTE+2G GSM networks Waterproof IP67 Remove alarm SOS alarm High frequency alarm with loudspeaker GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoor WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check Historical route, GPS fence & WIFI fence double care 4g gps tracker AT5 So, who needs this 4G gps tracker? Let’s read below cases for reference. Mr. Liu was very anxious at this time, as the car was stolen. He is the general manager of a major operating software company and he went out with the purpose of accounting for funds. He thought this short time should be all right that he went out of the car and went to the bank to withdraw money, He would right back, so he forgot to lock the car, causing the car to be stolen, he felt the exception and reported to the police. When the police asked, he was relieved, for he had previously heard from his colleagues that it...

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How to buy GPS Tracker?

Why are so many people using GPS Tracker these days, adults, children and businesses alike? Literally, it's used for positioning and navigation. In fact, the choice of GPS Tracker is to know these common sense. Next, Great-Will GPS Tracker will take you to understand. 1, Not what battery can do a super long standby GPS Tracker For GPS Tracker with long standby times, battery capacity and characteristics determine the length of standby time. As we all know, standby time is directly proportional to battery capacity, and the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. So battery capacity can be a rough indicator. However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for this kind of positioning. There are many kinds of batteries, and they can also self-discharge during normal use. That is to say, they consume their own power. If the self-discharge of the battery itself is very high, even if the large capacity also holds the concept of super long standby. One type of battery that...

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Guide of buying GPS auto positioning system

When you purchase GPS auto positioning system you need to know the following: 1.GPS auto positioning system is exclusive to the company, personal cannot use The manufacturing threshold of the GPS auto positioning system is high, but the original intention of the design is to facilitate human life, bring convenience, corporate assets, the fleet has more effective locator management, and individuals can also use it, which is ignored by many people, such as Children's mobile phones, the elderly anti-lost mobile phones are their applications, and a large area is the car locator, which can be used to guide driving and speeding reminders, which plays a big role in safe driving. price of GPS auto positioning system At present, there are many kinds of GPS locators on the market, and the quality is uneven. This has led to a variety of prices. Generally speaking, there are good quality guarantees and technical support. Because of the cost of the enterprise, the price of the locator is sever...

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GPS anti-theft tracker solves the risk of stolen electric car

In this social context, the intelligent anti-theft service of electric bicycles based on GPS and Internet of Things is thus in demand. Introduce the concept of human-car interaction and communication interaction, face the crime of short-term theft and transfer of criminals, and use GPS anti-theft tracker and base station positioning technology to assist the police to speed up the investigation through continuous positioning and tracking.   The entire electric vehicle GPS security anti-theft monitoring software consists of a background monitoring system and an electric vehicle GPS hardware.   The background monitoring software is the “nerve center” of the whole system, which centrally realizes monitoring, scheduling, pick-up/warning, and other information services, and coordinates and manages the hardware of the whole system, including statistical analysis of the data. Functional Analysis of GPS Anti-Theft Tracker Monitoring Platform for Electric Vehicles   The electr...

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What are the meanings of these five parameters in GPS product

GPS product has a lot of parameters, these parameters have their own meaning, I will introduce the significance of these five parameters here.   1.The chip   The chip mentioned here can be broadly referred to as the chipset used in the car GPS product, and it is also the core part of the GPS product. It is mainly responsible for GPS decoding signals, operations, and translation into positioning data. At present, the products purchased on the market are only chipsets produced by several companies.   The performance of the chip, in fact, for the traditional closed system PND, it does not mean much. It is already sufficient to meet the positioning work. Therefore, what kind of chip is used, in fact, the difference in the experience of the user experience is getting smaller and smaller.   2.The number of channels   What is the number of channels? It refers to the number of channels that a product chip can simultaneously receive satellite signals. The number of d...

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