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Which is accurate for GPS speed measurement and speedometer

First of all, it is necessary to understand the working principle of GPS speed measurement and speedometer: After receiving the radio waves of more than 4 satellites and above, the GPS terminal can determine the position of the vehicle and calculate the driving time through the change of position in a very short time. The distance is obtained to obtain the driving speed; the signal of the speedometer comes from the speed sensor on the gearbox or the output shaft, which is synchronized with the rotational speed of the wheel. After the signal is processed, it is sent to the stepping motor pointed by the control pointer in the speedometer to display the current speed to the user.   According to the principle of the speedometer, there are two main reasons for the difference between the speedometer and the actual speed:   The tire pressure of the automobile tire is insufficient or due to wear during use.Its radius gradually decreases. The speedometer's signal is synchronized w...

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Use common sense of GPS vehicle tracking device

The GPS vehicle tracking device greatly protects the safety of vehicles and drivers, as well as the efficiency of fleet management, so it has a wide range of applications in the individual car owners, car rental or car loan industry. How to better use the GPS vehicle tracking device, what should be paid attention to during the use process, there are some guiding suggestions below.   How many GPS vehicle tracking devices do you need to install in a car?   This depends on the type of object used. If it is a personal owner, install one. If it is a car rental company or a car loan company, two GPS vehicle tracking devices are generally installed, which are wired and wireless. If the car is very expensive, you can install more than one to ensure safety.   2.install GPS vehicle tracking device, does it affect the car itself?   If the wired GPS vehicle tracking device is installed, there may be looseness due to the connection of the ACC line, but it has no effect on t...

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Electric vehicle GPS tracker installation problem

The installation of the electric vehicle GPS tracker is different according to the function. The more complicated the electric vehicle GPS tracker is installed, the more complicated it is. The following describes the easy-to-install electric vehicle GPS tracker method. This electric vehicle positioner has four basic lines: positive and negative power lines, ACC line and RELAY line (optional). The first is to define the definition of the line of different colors of the electric vehicle positioner.   The factory defines the electric vehicle GPS tracker outlet: Electric vehicle GPS tracker's red line is the positive power supply wiring, and the electric vehicle battery positive pole (9-90V range)   2, Electric vehicle GPS tracker black line is the negative power supply wiring, connected to the electric vehicle battery negative   3, Electric vehicle GPS tracker orange line is the ACC detection line, connected to the ON position of the ACC on the electric vehicle   ...

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Published by admin6月 27,2019

GPS real-time tracker comprehensive problem solving

ONE:After the remote power cut on the GPS platform, why can the vehicle still drive spontaneously?   A: Make sure that the wiring of the car tracker relay is correct; in addition, the GPS real-time tracker must be connected to the server, the vehicle is in a "stationary" or "driving" state, and the vehicle speed is less than 20 kilometers. If the GPS real-time tracker is offline, not positioned, or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 kilometers, the positioner will not cut off the oil even if the remote power cut is successful.   TWO: send a mobile phone command to the car tracker, why is there no reply or reply error?   A: The total situation is generally related to SIM cards and signals. You can check the status of the SIM card:   1, call the number on the car trackerSIM card to see if it is owed   Check whether the SIM card has a GPRS traffic plan and SMS service.   3, the signal is poor in the area, the SMS gateway is delayed. THREE: install the ...

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Published by admin6月 26,2019

Effective five ways to solve GPS positioning inaccuracies

In the daily monitoring, auto finance companies encounter more or less the problem of GPS positioning inaccuracies. Even through wifi, base station, EPO and other auxiliary positioning, the ideal positioning effect is still not achieved. The programmers who have omnipotently developed the difference, and a differential device is worth tens of thousands. After installation and use, it will do more harm than good for the auto finance industry. So how to improve the accuracy of GPS positioning of financial vehicles and reduce the positioning error? I have summarized five ways to effectively solve the problem of GPS positioning inaccuracies, as follows:   1.Give GPS devices a chance to look up at the sky at once In the satellite positioning, 4 stars can be positioned, but if more satellites participate in the solution and return data, the positioning will be more stable and accurate. So stay away from the high-rise buildings and give the GPS a chance to look up at the sky. 2.Power...

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Published by admin5月 28,2019

Teach you to install wireless GPS tracking device covertly

With the improvement of people's quality of life, cars are becoming more and more popular, and everyone pays more attention to the safety of car use. Therefore, more and more owners of GPS trackers are installed on cars. Some car owners like online shopping GPS positioning equipment. First of all, we don't discuss the quality of the products, but there are no special tools and professional techniques to install them. I don't know where the installation is the most hidden and safe. Once discovered by the lawless elements, the car was removed and the car tracker was bought. The GPS tracker could not be used for anti-theft. Now, there is a wireless GPS tracking device that does not need to be installed. It can be easily solved without professional technology. Just place the device in the shelter of the car. It is AT-2 wireless GPS tracking device,which is with strong magnetic,it can be installed on any moving target objects without any external wires and the following is its main feat...

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How do you choose a suitable GPS tracking device for your vehicle

With the continuous development of the society, the automobile has become the most important means of transportation, and the related industries have entered a period of vigorous development. The GPS tracking device has also begun to enter our life. However, the variety of GPS tracking devices in the market is beyond your imagination. As a new contact item, it is difficult to understand the characteristics of the product. The following I will talk about how to choose the GPS tracking devices suitable for your vehicle. Wired GPS tracking device It is as the name implied, the wired GPS tracking device is connected the power cable to the car battery power supply. The device itself is not equipped with a large-capacity battery. Once it is removed or the battery is powered off, it won’t be positioned for a short time. Despite this, wired GPS tracking devices can be located in real time, and record vehicle travel information, historical travel trajectories, real-time alarm status, parki...

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Published by admin3月 19,2019

The difference between wired GPS and wireless GPS

In the automobile industry, gps tracking are often installed to reduce the risk of theft. Nowadays, the types of gps tracking on the market can be divided into wireless GPS tracking, wired GPS tracking and OBD interface type GPS tracking. What is the difference between the remaining wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker? The power of the wireless GPS tracking comes from the built-in battery itself, and its service life depends on the frequency of data uploading. For example, when the wireless GPS tracking is set to update the data once a day, its service life is three years; when the data is updated twice a day, its service life is reduced. Therefore, the positioning of wireless GPS tracking is not time-sensitive, which is also one of its disadvantages, but less wiring installation more flexible, hidden will be stronger. The biggest difference between wired GPS tracking and wireless GPS tracking lies in the "line". The wired GPS tracking need to be connected to the power suppl...

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What kind of consequence can truck gps tracker installation error cause?

Whether it is wired GPS, or wireless GPS, with the improvement of technology, the function of the truck gps tracker is more and more powerful, the size of the locator is smaller and smaller, the installation is more and more simple. Wireless GPS locators, like the ones we see most often, can be placed "anywhere" in a vehicle because they have powerful magnets built into them. Although the wireless truck gps tracker can indeed let the owner of the car when installing the truck gps tracker more capricious, but the location of the locator is more or less exquisite, especially the cable GPS locator. So what happens if the locator is installed in the wrong place? Because the wired truck gps tracker need to be connected to the vehicle power supply, there will be some requirements on the installation position. Generally in order to localizer concealment, as well as close to the vehicle power supply, many friends will choose to install the localizer in the motorcycle headlights near the lo...

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How to prevent best gps tracker from being removed?

Times are developing, so is science and technology. In the past, our vehicles only had thin navigation and positioning functions, but now the best gps tracker. It not only has the function of positioning and navigation, but also has the function of anti-theft alarm. The GPS best gps tracker on the vehicle mainly help us to follow up the position and information of the vehicle in real time, which has certain anti-theft effect. Once the GPS locator on the vehicle is removed, we will lose control of the vehicle. So how can we prevent GPS locators from being removed from vehicles? I.Concealed installation GPS best gps tracker are mainly divided into wired GPS locators, wireless GPS Tracker and OBD interface type GPS best gps tracker. In order to enhance the concealment, the wired GPS locators are generally installed in the front and rear bumpers, under the co-pilot, under the rear windshield, on both sides of the inside groove and other places. But the wired GPS Tacker is easy to be af...

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Does mortgage secondhand car need to install vehicle locator?

In the era of advanced technology, more and more young people buy cars or even used cars with loans due to their advanced consumption concepts. But in the process of buying a car, some car shop staff will tell you that the car must be installed vehicle locator. Perhaps the majority of friends who buy a new car will comply with this requirement, but if only loans to buy second-hand vehicles, should we comply with this "overlord" requirements? In fact, relatively speaking, whether the loan to buy a new car or a loan to buy a used car, do not have to comply with the car loan company to add vehicle locator to the car. For auto loan companies, the vehicle locator is more of a risk control tool, which is convenient for auto loan companies to manage the loan vehicle, prevent the loan vehicle from missing in the loan time, and better to monitor the vehicle. As a user whether to install or not is based on personal choice whether to add location equipment from the car loan company. However, f...

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How long does it take to replace a best car tracking device?

For part of the best car tracking device, as long as the locator is well maintained, properly installed, the use is more regular, want to use to 5-6 years really no problem. When I first bought car location tracker, I believe many friends have asked the same question. That is: how long will the locator last? Or how often does the best car tracking device have to be replaced?  Probably the most common thing consumers hear is that the average locator will last 5-6 years. So, a constantly updated electronic products, it really can be used for 5-6 years so long? Some of the more elegant businesses may be from the potentiate power protection and so on, the use of better and more durable chip, so the best car tracking device naturally life is longer. But the ordinary car location tracker, not to mention can do waterproof and dustproof and high temperature, if the use of ordinary chip, material is also very common material, even if consumers carefully protect good attempt to use three, fiv...

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