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Introduction GPS tracking monitoring alarm function

Regarding the function of the GPS tracking, many customers don't know much about it after purchasing it. They will ask about the setting of the related functions of the GPS tracking alarm or the precautions for use. Therefore, geat-will GPS tracking manufacturers organize a guide to use the alarm function. I hope I can bring you some help and share the following: GPS tracking Vibration alarm   Alarm condition: When the device has activated the vibration alarm mode (default is enabled), after the device enters the armed mode (if the vehicle is turned off, if the vehicle does not ignite for 1 minute, the terminal automatically enters the armed state), the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers the vibration alarm and Send an alarm signal to the GPS tracking monitoring background. Corresponding measures: If the vehicle is triggered by the customer when using the alarm, it may be ignored. If the customer triggers the alarm after leaving the vehicle, it is necessary to ensure tha...

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Function of Electric motorbike gps tracker anti-theft device

In the current society, electric vehicles are almost every family. Because of their small size and convenient use, they quickly enter people's lives and become our most important means of transportation. It is also because of the small size and lightness of electric vehicles that attracted the attention of thieves. Everyday, in addition to the car to park in a place where people are in charge and develop a good habit of leaving the car locked, what other methods do we have to better protect our electric car? - Then you need to use the Electric motorbike gps tracker Great-Will has introduced a Electric motorbike gps tracker alarm product for electric vehicles, applying advanced GPS positioning technology to the location service of people and vehicles. With the gps monitoring platform, users can record and track the position information of electric vehicles in real time. So what are the advantages of Electric motorbike gps tracker anti-theft? The main function of electric motorbike...

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2,500 cheap mini GPS trackers TR05 fast delivery

Indian customers place an order for 1 week, we immediately produce TR05 cheap mini gps tracker, fast delivery to the address of the customer's designated freight forwarding. And the cargo tracking and contact has been maintained, so that the 2,500 mini GPS trackers can reach the customer smoothly. Why did the customer give us 2,500 cheap mini GPS trackers TR05 at one time, and did not buy samples and tests of our cheap mini GPS trackers before. Because customers trust us, He see that we are so professional to do vehicle gps tracker, visit our office and observe our vehicle gps tracker products. TR05 is our company's first lowest-priced, smallest-sized vehiclecheap mini GPS trackers this year. On a stable basis, we created a cheap mini GPS trackers to capture the market share of the GPS tracker. What are the features of the TR05 cheap mini GPS trackers? Real-time GPS&BDS positioning Anti-theft Cut-off Engine ACC/Ignition Detection Super Mini Easy Hidden Multiple Security Alarm&am...

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Published by admin7月 18,2018

Great-Will GPS tracker Australian exhibition

Warm congratulations on Huizhou Great - Will Industrial CO., Ltd successful completion of the 2015 Australian exhibition, this has attracted many customers to visit our company of all kinds of GPS tracker, including small GPS tracker, the kid tracker GPS, GPS watch tracker, GPS tracker dog and so on. In order to improve the trade & economic cooperation between Huizhou China & Australia, and achieve Huizhou’s products go global and build the branding,“Guangdong (Huizhou) Expo 2015 will be held at Hordern Pavilion Sydney on 25th & 26th May 2015 for 2 days. This is the first Expo of Chinese merchandise after the Australia - China Free Trade Agreement signed when China President Xi Jinping attended G20 leaders Summit & officially visiting Australia in last year. The Expo will be hosted by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) and Guangdong Commercial Chamber of Australia, organized by Ausfeng Events in association with the Bureau of Commerce of Huizhou Municipality...

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Published by admin7月 10,2018

Indonesia largest GPS company visits our GPS tracker Devices

On July 10, 2018, customers visited and needed to purchase large quantities. Accompanied by the company manager and senior salesman, the customer visited our office and watched our different types of vehicle gps tracker product lines. Under the manager's explanation, Customer feel that my company's products meet their requirements, and feel that we are very professional in the GPS tracker industry. So customer went to the company's negotiation room for further detailed conversation. Since the customer is the largest GPS company in India, the quantity of each purchase is relatively large, mainly for their dealers, so the price must have an advantage, the product quality should be stable, and the platform positioning should be accurate. Indian customers trust us very much. Finally, customer ordered 5,000 pieces TR08 vehicle gps trackers and 2000 pieces TR05 cheap mini vehicle gps tracker. customer directly gave us the US dollar payment, which also represents the trust and support of o...

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Published by admin6月 26,2018

Vehicle GPS tracker Indonesia Exhibition complete success

Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd  take part Indonesia Commodities Fair from August 23th to 25th 2017, It was very successful exhibition in gps tracker industry and good platform between the buyers and sellers.The Indonesian exhibition attracted many customers' attention, especially interested in our GPS tracker. At this exhibition in Indonesia, our customers are very interested in our vehicle gps tracker TR08, TR07 and TK89 watch gps tracker, and are very pleased with the results of our gps platform test, which reflects our product expertise and stability. At the scene, our vehicle gps tracker all sold out. Thanks to the customer support and affirmation of our products, the show is a success. Now some of the photos of our stand are available in the enclosed files, I expect it will strengthen the impression for our company, which is professional and top gps tracker supplier. GPS trackers make life safe & smart. The Indonesian exhibition was successfully concluded, allowing ...

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Published by admin6月 22,2018

2015 13th Gps tracker factory Mumbai India Exhibition

On the morning of November 24th, the 13th China Merchandise Exhibition (Mumbai, India) 2015 was opened in Mumbai, India. This year's exhibition was co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China Business Council Subcommittee for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Guangzhou World Exhibition Milan Exhibition Co., Ltd., and was from Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan, Zhejiang, Anhui and Gansu Provinces and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. A total of more than 200 companies exhibited.   According to statistics, there are a total of 223 booths at this exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. The participating industries include consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture, household goods, machinery, chemicals, building materials, hardware and food. The exhibition also set up a special Chinese-ma...

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Malaysia Customer visit our vehicle gps tracker factory Company

Warmly Welcome Customers to Our Company for Visiting Vehicle Gps tracker factory and office. Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd is a professional GPS tracker products manufacture in China. Established in 2006.As a leading OEM/ODM manufacture,we exported our products to clients more than 50 countries which from Europe,USA,Asia, the Middle East and South America.We are first choice for providing the best products with competitive price ,with prompt technical support and perfect services.enjoys a high reputation in the gps industry, which attracts a large number of customers to visit our company, this time the customers come from Malaysia, due to the demands for Vehicle gps tracker, they searched for us in the internet, through detailed communication with our foreign trade sales, they have certain understanding of our company and products, for further cooperation, they come to visit our company for deeper understanding.   The Malaysia customers come to our vehicle gps tracker f...

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Kenya order 1000 pieces GPS tracker devices

Kenyan customers trust us very much. Every month, They regularly give us order 1,000 GPS tracker devices to bind our GPS tracking platform. Their clients are located all over the country and have branch offices in Kenya, Indonesia and Africa. Mainly used for fleet management, car gps tracker of sales. This customer has gradually expanded to 1000 units GPS tracker devices from the beginning of the 100 units, and has now opened up a larger positioner market. From 1,000 units orders Half a year to 1,000 orders per month. The following is a picture of the customer's production order process and 1000 pieces GPS tracker devices packaging shipment . The customer is very satisfied with our products, will give us orders every month to open up their GPS market. It is also because our GPS tracking platform is relatively stable and the GPS location is more accurate. From the above cooperation, we can show that our GPS tracker device has better stability and the market sales are relatively good....

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