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Product Specification:

  • Product Name GR06
  • Dimension L172mm*W188mm*H59mm
  • Description GR06 is a driving safety auxiliary terminal, which is an artificial intelligence device based on image recognition technology developed by Great-Will industry company. GR06 supports 6 channels of 720P high-definition audio and video recording, driving data recording, IC card registration, data printing, real-time monitoring, and other functions.
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GR06 —— 4G Vehicle Video Terminal Mobile Digitial Video Recorder

GR06 is a driving safety auxiliary terminal, which is an artificial intelligence device based on image recognition technology developed by Great-Will industry company.

GR06 supports 6 channels of 720P high-definition audio and video recording, driving data recording, IC card registration, data printing, real-time monitoring, and other functions.

With ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)  and DSM (Driver Monitoring System) functions, GR06 can monitor drivers' fatigue state, unsafe driving behavior, lane deviation, and collision prevention in real-time.

In the meantime, GR06 can provide voice safety warnings in time, and actively report videos and images to the management platform.

Thus bringing drivers more active, intelligent safety guarantee and reducing the accident rate.

GR06 MDVR With ADAS and DSM Function



GR06 6 Channel Vehicle DVR Monitoring System Equipment Wiring Video Instruction

Name Specifications
Weight 1.373KG
Dimension L172mm*W188mm*H59mm
Battery 1200mA, 3.2v
Voltage 9-36V
Screen 2.0 inch LCD screen
Located Way GPS+Beidou
Transmission Channel 4G/WIFI
Video Signal CVBS,NTSC
Working Current 300mA(24V)
Frequency LTE FDD:B1/B3/B8
LTE TDD:B38/B39/B40/B41


  Item Specifications
Operation System Operation System Linux
Control mode Panel Buttons, Network, Mobile App
AHD720P 6 Channels 720P
Output 1 Channel CVBS
Video Signal PAL
Audio Input Maximum 5 Channels Audio
Output Maximum 2 Channels Audio
Display OSD 1 /2 /4 /6 OSD
Record Video&Audio compression format VideoH.264,Audiog711
Image resolution CIF、HD1、D1、720P
Video Video Mode Boot/manual/timing/schedule/alarm video events
Real-time Video Support
ACC Turn off time-Lapse video Delay parameter range:10-65535s
Video Image Support
Alarm Video Support
Video Download Support
Playback Playback Channel Supports local multi-channel synchronous playback and PC software remote single-channel playback
Browse Mode Time, Channel
Network 2G/3G/4G Mobile TD-LTE, Unicom TD-LTE, Unicom FDD-LTE, Telecom TD-LTE, Telecom FDD-LTE, Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA), Unicom 3G (WCDMA), Telecom 3G (CDMA2000),
Storage SD Dual-SD card(a maximum of 128 GB per card)
Hard Disk Supports one hard disk with a maximum capacity of 2 TB

Mainly Function


1. Multimedia Function

◆ One hard disk + dual SD cards (maximum 128G per card)

◆ Supports 6 channels of 720P HD video capture, 2 of which are connected to ADAS and DSM cameras.

◆ Support event trigger storage and upload video.

◆ Support up to 6 channels of video real-time upload and playback, historical video one-click search; Video playback, and remote download at any time.

◆ Supports one CVBS output and connects to the AV display screen.

2. Voice & Call Function

◆ Support TTS voice broadcast, warning alarm reminder, equipment abnormal prompt, etc

◆TTS speaker and intercom speaker sharing: using T7 audio converter cable to connect pickup and speaker can realize intercom function.

3. Data Security

◆ Disk failure and vehicle collision Upload videos about 10 seconds before the fault to the cloud to ensure that important videos are not lost.

◆ If the disk is faulty, the video is stored in the FLASH memory for about 10 seconds before the loss.

4. Action with Alarm

◆ADAS: Voice warning for dangerous driving behaviors such as lane departure, close distance, and collision, and upload to the platform for evidence collection.

◆DSM: Effective warning of dangerous driving behaviors of drivers, such as fatigue, smoking, phone calls, chatting, and other dangerous driving behaviors, voice warning prompt, and upload platform evidence.

◆ Trigger signal alarm linkage, such as robbery, opening and closing, customization, etc., upload videos or photos.

◆ Three emergency alarm linkage, such as sudden braking, sharp turning, and rapid acceleration.

◆GPS antenna open circuit, power off, low voltage, timeout alarm System self-check alarm, no video alarm in all channels, no working disk alarm, camera loss alarm.


Product Feature


GR06 integrated ADAS advanced driver assistance system, and DSM driver monitoring system.

1. DSM - Standard Cameras


DSM Driver Monitoring System



Mainly to detect drivers: fatigue, distraction, cracking, smoking, talking on the phone, not wearing seat belts, leaving the post, and other dangerous driving behavior.






2. ADAS - Standard Cameras

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System




Mainly to detect the collision of the car in front, the road offset, and the close distance of the car in front. 




3. BSD - Optional Camera

Blind zone detection system that clears the blind zone of the rearview mirror. The camera detects pedestrians in the blind zone of the mirror on one side of the vehicle and alerts the driver and pedestrians.
This prevents accidents caused by pedestrians entering the blind zone of the rearview mirror while driving.

BSD - Blind Area Detection System


4. 360° Bird's-Eye View - Optional Camera

Panoramic parking assists, is more intuitive, and effectively prevents scratching when parking.
Narrow road assist, when there are potholes or obstacles on the road, as well as narrow road traffic, etc., can assist through, to prevent collision, and collapse.

360 Bird's-Eye View

Advantage Selling Point


1. Bring in large memory to make accidents stop happening

4G EMMC memory in the device when not inserted or external memory, the equipment automatically switches to EMMC for recording, mainly to store emergency video (1.2.3)Store up to 6 hours.

2. Simple structure and high stability, no longer a "warm baby"

Allwinner solution T707 chip is adopted, which can meet the functions of the previous HiSilicon + core board at the same time. The original multi-layer board structure is integrated into a single-layer board. The structure is simpler, the space is larger, the interface is less, the power consumption is lower, and the stability is higher performance and better heat dissipation.

3. Optimize active security and improves the customer experience

Real-time video ADAS and DSM pictures add corresponding dynamic auxiliary lines to improve customer experience; use wide dynamic camera, strong light suppression, and weak light compensation, to ensure accurate alarm triggering; eliminate yin and yang faces to solve backlight troubles; APP will provide advanced assistant functions and installation and debugging The functions are combined into one, and it supports the mobile phone with its own data cable, making debugging and installation more convenient.




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