Truck management vehicle GPS tracking solutions

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Great-Will Truck management vehicle GPS tracking solutions The platform is easy to operate. The platform is stable and easy to implement, such as positioning, oil cut, track query, fence setting and real-time street view. Support the establishment of electronic fences, when the truck is far away, give you a message reminder, let you locate the whole 24 hours.

GPS vehicle management vehicle GPS tracking solutions has become mainstream SMEs vehicle management, GPS vehicle management systems, so that managers at any time to grasp the real-time condition of the vehicle, to SMEs vehicle management to a new level.

One business that can really benefit is Tow Trucks businesses. Tow truck tracking makes things much more efficient. The ability to find what wrecker is closest to a pick-up location makes dispatch easy. Find the closest tow truck driver to a job with our easy to use address finder. Tow truck tracking will monitor and track the trucks in real-time. Are the drivers being as efficient as possible? Fleet tracking is a real-time application that is a total game changer.

Most businesses are worried about employees using the equipment for side-jobs or personal use. The tow truck tracking will also show when the tow hook has been deployed. Now wrecking companies have the technology to know when, where, and what time the tow hooks have been lowered and raised.

Are your employees being efficient? Truck tracking systems is like having a virtual passenger seat in the tow truck. The ability to see all routes, stop/starts, idle times, speeds, and much more. If a customer calls for an ETA, instead of calling the driver, get a real time location. Get a geo-fence set up to see when it leaves and arrives back at the office. If the drivers take the trucks home at night, make sure they aren’t being used for personal use.

Why use tow truck GPS tracker?vehicle GPS tracking solutions

Fast deployments
Reduce fuel costs
Increase productivity
Employee accountability
Theft recovery
Higher customer satisfaction

Truck management vehicle GPS tracking solutions

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Truck management vehicle GPS tracking solutions

Great-Will Truck management vehicle GPS tracking solutions The platform is easy to operate. The p...

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